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i love reminders

so today was another sucky day at work - until about 5 o'clock when Matt, one of the loan officers in my "fan club" (haha) came over to visit me.  i immediately figured it was a problem that obvouisly couldn't wait until tomorrow when i had more time, so i silently sighed.  then i shook his hand because i had never met him in person only talked and emailed him all the time to help him with his closings.  i noticed he had one hand behind his back but didn't think anything of it.

then he placed a blank envelope on my desk and he was like this is a card to show my boss and i's appreciation for all the work that you do :) and i opened it up and there was a $20 gift cert to putnam market.  and a really pretty card to go with it signed by him and his boss pete.  i could've cried but instead i smiled and i was like thank you so much and of course everyone else was like aww indra ur so nice. so  yeah it was so nice and he was like ur work never goes unappreciated.  today was a day where i felt like quitting - like walking right out - but what would that have accomplished anyhow?  God always sends me nice reminders, i like that!

anyways, something about "Chicken cordon Bleau, my stomach does not agree with.  Why? i have no clue. there is not much else in there besides chicken, cheese and ham, right?  last time i ate that i got sick.  i thought maybe it was the deli so i bought one from a diff. place this time and i still got sick.  hmm, anyways don't ask me why i would by a sandwich i know i can't eat for lunch on a day where i am barely surviving.  

ha.. thats just me being me again...

friday should be an interesting day.  we are having some big company meeting, we got the email today. and it said "donuts and coffee will be provided." i wonder what that's all about.  anyways the sucky part is the meeting is at 9AM and it said "please don't be late".  if i make it to november, it will be 3 yrs for me. hopefully that will be more $$$$.  but then again i heard some people did not get their raises this yr :-( a promotion would be nice but unfortunately where i am i dont foresee a position i could move up to, except like senior funding coordinator or something like that.  i doubt they would need a funding manager when there is only 2 of us. anyways ill leave that thinking up to the big guys.  friday is also joyce's bday. she is like one of the first friends i made when i started working here.  she been gone for 8 months due to knee surgery.  she also is the one who lost her husband.  so friday she is looking forward to drinking with me.  also we have a major deal going down so there is a lot to celebrate.  honestly i dont really expect gifts or anything from loan officers and coworkers and stuff because its my job to care about closings going thru and stuff.  but i guess i do help people a lot more than i am required to per my job description. and a lot of areas i help people in are not even my own department's concerns but since i know how the system works i am able to extend my help if i am not busy.  i havent started looking for a  new job yet cuz i still have that tardy problem.  also i feel like i am really going somewhere in this company.

wow i cant believe i just wrote a whole entry about work. that'z crazy!!
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