Serenity Purple Flower Mode Eighteen (purplemode) wrote,
Serenity Purple Flower Mode Eighteen

he said no

he said no & rightfully so.dinner lasted from 9pm to 2am.
i want the world to know what a whore i am. and what a fake i am. this guy fuckin loved me and i pretty much cheated on him even though i didn't have sex with this guy. this guy would do anything for me and i took advantage of his feelings -- feelings i didn't even realize existed. this guy gave me everything he had. he said that part of him is saying to forgive me and the other part of him is saying he shouldn't. i deserve all of this. i know that doesnt make it right or harder to deal, but i want everyone to know what an asshole i am. i have to live with this mistake that i hurt the one guy that will probably ever love me as much as he did. that's a lot to swallow, but that's the choice i made the day i stepped in muddy water.
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