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a milestone.

it feels pretty good to not depend on lj anymore. to not feel "incomplete" about not writing an entry. to leave some mystery to my life. to make some decisions on my own & see how they turn-out. but seeing that this is also a journal, it goes without saying that i still want to write down SOME things about my life.. so i can navigate my journal a year from now and see all the things that went on. just as i do year-after-year.

Well yesterday was our 6-month anniversary. it feels really good to have a 6-month anniversary with my first serious bf. we've had some rough spots, as do all relationships.. but i am so happy to say it's made Us stronger. And for that, how can We go wrong? he is starting college this month and now the big fear of college women is setting in my mind. but i need to stop. if he's going to meet someone, he's going to meet someone. if he doesn't want to, he won't. and if he is happy w/ me then he will be w/me. but that's something that's not up to me and something i have no control over. so i am accepting that.

i've been assistant coaching a bball team with my dad again this year. it started in january and it is going on until march. its pretty cool to have some community service under my belt. and im still working in the toddler room at my 2nd church.

Xmas was great. i finally got a digital camera :) and i actually finished my shopping way before xmas which made me feel good. i got 4 things from Todd for xmas: a huge yankee candle (christmas cookie scent), a red sweatshirt, New Balance Sneakers & a Disney world sweatshirt i wanted :) and also the other day i got a single red rose <333

just got my raise two weeks ago too, so life is pretty good!
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