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I Heart Basketball!

Last night was an awesome night! Todd surprised me & got us tickets to the High School Basketball tournament @ the Civic Center :) It was so great, we got to see his old team he used to play on - Cambridge & they lost to Stillwater by a basket. Then we saw Schnectady Catholic win against Hoosick Valley High by a basket as well. Sick, Sick games! I loved it.

tonight is the last basketball game of the season for the team my dad and I are coaching (grade 6-9). i am really excited but also really sad because the season went by so fast. this yr i didn't coach as well because we had another head coach & he pretty much had all of his practices and game lineups made up so i was mostly a rebound catcher, lol. but still it was nice to be called coach and also this yr i got shirt that says "COACH" and i got a team pic, so i am happy. i will probably coach again next yr but as a head coach or asst with my dad. it was hard at first for me to see Todd around the basketball schedule, but he is over it and we are getting thru it and now its over so we will have more time. and now i feel good that i am doing something with my brother as well. plus, basketball is my favorite sport.

i also recently joined a brand new gym called planet fitness, it's great and its only $10 a month. great hours too! the only downer is its 20 miles away or so. And working in the daycare at Church is going swell as well. so yeah, life is not That Bad...

P.s. my friend just got a job here with me - finally, no more lunches at my damn desk!
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