Serenity Purple Flower Mode Eighteen (purplemode) wrote,
Serenity Purple Flower Mode Eighteen

Dear Ms.Multiple Sclerosis

I didn't know If I would ever want to share such an intimate poem. But I guess I am ready now more than ever. As I have read this poem back to myself several times, I can taste the selfishness as these words leave my lips. This year more than ever, I see a selfish side of me. It's not about me. But yet, this poem makes me realize that I am making it about me. Regardless, it's happening and there is nothing I can do but be there. Here's to health:

I pray for mercy,
My strength is fading again.
I need to be strong.
There is someone who is strong enough to know God loves her.
The disease crept up on us all.
We weren't ready at all.
It stole our Sunday dinners, our family outings and her driver's license.
... But it did not steal her joy.
No one to blame,
Nowhere to direct this rage inside of me.
I was only seventeen.
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